Mission Statement

Norco is a dairy co-operative owned by our member suppliers who operate Australian dairy farms. We recognise the value that our co-operative structure brings to all of our members and our communities. Norco has been doing business since 1895. We are proud of our heritage and passionate about our future.

Purpose image

Norco's Purpose

Norco’s purpose is to build wealth, security and sustainability for our shareholders, business partners and employees.

We achieve this by:

  • Maintaining a diverse and strong range of businesses
  • Being a competitive regional purchaser and supplier of milk
  • Creating integrated solutions for our partners.

Norco's Values

Norco applies a common set of values to everything it does. These values include:
    • We respect shareholders, employees, business partners and customers.
    • We respect a diversity of views and opinions.
    • We encourage and support people to grow as individuals and contributors to our organisation.
    • We respect our heritage and legacy.
    • We respect our natural environment.
    • We are responsible for preserving the co-operative principles.
    • We are responsible for our actions and our performance.
    • We are responsible for providing a safe work environment.
    • We seek to add value to everything we do.
    • We seek to consistently improve through innovation
    • We seek active involvement in our communities.