Norco - Heath BJ Hoffman
Heath BJ Hoffman

Heath BJ Hoffman

Deputy Chairman

Heath was elected to the Board of Directors on 12 November 2014 and is a supplier Director from the Northern Region. He is a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Heath is a member of a family partnership that owns and operates a dairy farm near Warwick milking 300 Holstein cows on a full TMR (total mixed ration) system. In nearing the end of his second year as a Director, Heath now has a firm understanding of the complex Norco business and the market place in which Norco operates. Heath's time on the Board has cemented his view that Norco, as a co-operative,
has a significant role to play in ensuring there is a successful future for the northern dairy industry.

Heath is an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and completed the AICD Company Directors' Course in August 2015. Heath was one of three Norco Directors who attended the Australian Dairy Industry Conference in Shepparton Victoria during the year and spent an additional two days in Victoria visiting farms as part of the pre-conference tour. Heath also travelled to the South Island of New Zealand with a group of Norco milk suppliers as part of the Norco study tour.