Careers - Policies

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a name given to management programs which aim to achieve equal employment opportunity.

Norco is required to implement an affirmative action program for women under the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act, 1999(Clth)

As an organisation covered by the Act, Norco has developed an equal opportunity for women in the workplace program addressing seven employment matters. This covers:-

  • The recruitment procedure, and selection criteria, for appointment or engagement of persons as employees
  • The promotion, transfer and termination of employment of employees
  • Training and development for employees
  • Conditions of service of employees including Parental and Family Leave provisions
  • Arrangements for dealing with sex-based harassment of women in the workplace
  • Arrangements for dealing with pregnant employees and employees who are breastfeeding their children.

Recruitment Policy

The purpose of our policy is to facilitate the recruitment, selection and appointment of appropriately skilled and qualified employees who can contribute positively to Norco's business objectives, values and culture.

Our policy incorporates the principals of equal employment opportunity to ensure that the most capable person is selected for a position on the basis of merit and without regards to irrelevant factors such as a person's sex (including pregnancy), sexual preference, transgender status, race, colour, ethnic or ethno-religious background, descent or national identity, marital status, disability, age, political conviction or religious belief.

Norco is committed to maintaining a balance between external recruitment and offering development opportunities for employees.

Recruitment and selection processes will be applied in a consistent, professional and timely manner.

This policy applies to the recruitment, selection and appointment of all full time and part time employees engaged to fill a permanent or temporary/seasonal position for more than two months. It applies to casual employees in the following circumstances:

  • to fill a vacancy created by the departure of a permanent employee;
  • to cover extended absences of permanent employees on leave or workers' compensation;
  • to increase the pool of casual employees available to be called in for work when required.

This policy does not apply to the utilisation of casuals drawn from the casual pool when required or the engagement of contractors, consultants or labour hire workers. However, the approval of the Chief Executive Officer is required for such engagements.

Anti-discrimination and EEO Policy

It is the policy of Norco to provide equal opportunity for all persons, and to prevent discrimination and harassment on the basis of:

  • Race, colour, descent, nationality, ethnic origin or ethno-religious background
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Pregnancy, or potential pregnancy
  • Family responsibilities
  • Disability (physical or intellectual)
  • Age
  • Sexuality
  • Transgender status
  • Political conviction
  • Religious belief

Equal opportunity at Norco refers to the right of employees to work in an environment that is safe, equitable, free from discrimination and harassment, and in which everybody is respected and treated fairly.

The principles of justice, fairness and equity are important and essential elements of Norco's values and policy of Anti-discrimination & equal opportunity.  This policy ensures that the talents and skills of Norco's people can be developed to their full potential.