Careers - How to Apply

How to apply

This page contains a lot of information. Read it carefully. By following the suggestions it may increase your chance of obtaining an interview. If you can, print out this page and keep it by you while you are writing your application.


Collate Information

Read the job advertisement carefully. All Norco Co-operative Limited positions vacant advertisements have a selection criteria. The selection criteria describes the skills, knowledge and experience needed to do the job.

Advertisements also have a brief description of the job, the name of the person to make inquiries to, an address and closing date for applications.

Read the advertisement and make a note of anything you don't understand so you can ask questions to the nominated person. Speaking to this person will help you to decide whether to apply for the job, and what to emphasise in your application.


Other Information

Get as much extra information as you can to write a good application. If possible, search the Internet and read our website or talk to people who work in similar areas. This will give you a better idea of the workplace.


Writing your Application

It is important to prepare a good application, as it will be used to decide whether you get an interview. A good application shows why you are the best person for the job and how your skills, knowledge and experience match the selection criteria.

It contains:
A brief covering letter summarising what you can offer Norco and why you are applying for the role.
Your detailed response to the selection criteria addressing your past experience or qualifications and how they have given you knowledge, skills or experience to meet each of the criterion. Don't assume we will know from your resume you can do a particular task - you need to tell us. For example, if the job calls for "excellent written and oral communication skills" don't just write, "I have excellent communication skills". Describe the experience you have, or the things you do in your current job, which require communication skills. For example you could discuss the kinds of letters, reports or documents you have written. You could also outline the amount of time you spend dealing face-to-face, or on the phone with different types of clients.

A Curriculum Vitae should include :

  • Personal details
  • Education and training
  • Employment history (name of organisation, period of employment, job title, major duties and responsibilities, main achievements)
  • Skills/experience gained outside of paid work
  • Contact details for two referees, including complete phone and fax numbers and whether an interpreter is needed.
  • Ideally your referees will be able to comment on your recent work performance.

Lodging your Application

Please lodge your application to reach us on or before the closing date as indicated in the advertisement and attention it to the contact person nominated. If an email address is given, we strongly encourage you to use this.


Assessment of Applications

A Selection Panel conducts all interviews at Norco in the first instance. This panel usually consists of 3 people, including the manager or supervisor of the role and a person from outside the immediate work area. After the closing date, all applications will be passed to the selection panel and a shortlist of applicants for interview will be decided by comparing the information you have sent us with the selection criteria we have specified.

The shortlist will only include candidates whose applications indicate that they can meet the selection requirements at the highest level.



Applicants who are short-listed will be contacted by telephone and an interview time arranged. This usually happens within two weeks of the closing date.

In some areas, we may call and do a "pre-interview" over the phone to assess your application further. If you do not live in the area of the position we may ask you to travel there for a face-to-face interview with the interviewing panel.

The interview panel will need to see the originals of any qualifications required for the role, so please bring these (along with any translations or certificates of Australian recognition, name change documents etc if necessary) to the interview.

Additional interviews may be required before a final decision is made.

If you are not successful in gaining an interview, you may not be notified until all interviews are completed and a decision has been made. At this time, all unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing.



All applicants who are short-listed will be asked a similar set of questions, which are derived from the selection criteria. Selection of the successful applicant is based on the written applications, your responses to questions at the interview(/s), any additional assessment(/s) or tests we may require and referee reports.



At some stage of the selection process, Norco Co-operative Limited will want to do a reference check. You need only include referee details with your application if the advertisement specifically requests that you do so. Otherwise, you will be asked for your referees at the appropriate stage of the process. We suggest that you advise your referee(/s) before you give us their details.

Referee's reports will be sought in writing or by phone.

It is Norco Co-operative Limited's policy to protect your privacy through this reference-checking process. Therefore, we undertake that:

We will not contact a referee, other than those you have specifically nominated, without your permission; and we will accept a reasonable explanation if you prefer us not to contact a specific referee.



Offer of Employment

Before an offer is made, the preferred applicant will be contacted and a commencing pay rate and starting date will be discussed. All offers of employment with Norco Co-operative, including agreed pay and conditions, are made in writing and are made subject to the following conditions:

Satisfactory medical clearance by either Norco Co-operative Limited's company medical doctor or a practicing medical doctor close to your place of work. Depending on the position, a Confidentiality Agreement may need to be signed.

In some cases there may also be immigration and/or citizenship stipulations.

All appointments at Norco Co-operative Limited involve a period of probation, which is specified in the letter of offer.

Certified copies of original documents and certificates will need to be provided on commencement and will be placed on your personnel file.


General Principles

People who work for Norco Co-operative Limited are not just doing a job - they are representing Norco Co-operative Limited. They are expected to behave fairly and correctly when carrying out their duties and in dealing with the public and fellow employees.

For this reason, job applicants need to have a knowledge and understanding of the following:
Norco Co-operative Limited is committed to the principles and practice of equity in the recruitment and selection of its employees. This means that there will be no discrimination based on any characteristics that are not clearly inherent requirements of the job. Norco also is committed the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity ensuring a diverse and fair workplace.
Norco Co-operative Limited is committed to the principles and practice of merit in the recruitment and selection of its employees. This means that equal skills and equal qualifications will result in an equal opportunity to be selected for the role. Application of the merit principle enables the best person to be selected for the role - it does not support any form of favouritism or bias.

Norco Co-operative Limited is committed to the principles and practice of privacy in the recruitment and selection of staff. This means that the confidentiality of all information you provide will be respected and no information about you will be collected without your knowledge and permission. All recruitment files are held centrally for a year then destroyed.


Norco Co-operative Limited is committed to ensuring we provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and request that employees co-operate with their relevant managers/supervisors in their efforts to comply with Occupational Health & Safety requirements.
All job applicants should read each topic carefully. If you are applying for a job as a manager, you should think about how you would make sure the above principles are effectively applied in your work area. Some positions require a deeper level of understanding; you will need to do further research for clarification.



Thank you for your interest in applying for a role with Norco Co-operative Limited. We wish you success in your application.