Norco dairy farmers receive top honours for milk quality as recognised by Dairy Australia

Media Release – Norco Co-operative, Australia’s largest and oldest dairy co-op is celebrating four of its dairy farmer members who have been recognised as some of the best quality milk producers in Australia at Dairy Australia’s Milk Quality Awards 2022.

The prestigious award celebrates the top 100 milk producers across the country and crowned all four of Norco farmers Gold, two in the Dairy NSW region and two in the south east Queensland region.

Mike Jeffery, Chairman of the Board at Norco and a dairy farmer himself, said it was an honour for its co-op members to be recognised as champions and a testament to the brand’s high quality standards and dedication to create fresh, great tasting dairy.

“Our farmers live and breathe dairy so we’re very proud to have our people’s efforts recognised in Australia’s most prestigious dairy competition. It’s a huge honour and we encourage people to try our great tasting milk and show support for Australian dairy producers,” said Mike.

Distinguishing the top 100 farms nationally with the lowest bulk milk cell count (BMCC), the Milk Quality Awards demonstrate how Aussie farmers are continuing to deliver high-quality milk and safeguard the health of their animals.

Receiving the award for the fourth consecutive year in New South Wales was Norco couple Philip and Debbie Borham who were ecstatic with being recognised for their commitment to animal welfare and handling.

“Our 250 cows are part of our family, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care which has resulted in us receiving the gold quality milk award for the fourth year,” said Mr Borham.

Another accolade to hang on the gate which shows not only our dedication to our herd but to the people that drink our milk.”

Joining Borham’s as gold recipients in the Dairy New South Wales region is the McDonald family partnership.

“After experiencing the toughest year to date, it was a very pleasant surprise to receive gold and we will be displaying the award on our living room wall,” said Mr McDonald.

The McVeigh’s and Zischke’s, both family partnership operations were the gold recipients for the south east Queensland region.

The Zischke’s who are based in Haden, Queensland are honoured with their sixth straight gold and are absolutely delighted for the recognition.

“We are continually looking for ways to improve our farm practices to provide the best tasting dairy and being nationally recognised shows how committed to our community we are,” said Mr Zischke.

Dairy Australia’s Milk Quality Awards has been running since 2002 with the goal of celebrating and bringing industry recognition to the highest quality milk producers across Australia.

To be eligible, dairy farms must have BMCC data for a minimum of nine months which is then supplied by their processor to Dairy Australia. BMCC results for each collection are then used to calculate the annual average BMCC for each farm and gold status is awarded to the top 100 farms with the lowest BMCC.