Agronomy and Horticulture

How an Agronomist or Horticulturist can help your bottom line

The best way to describe an Agronomist/Horticulturist is 'a dirt doctor'. Farming is about continuous learning and being kept up to date with the latest products and technology that the market place has to offer; as the saying goes the only consistency in life is change and working with Australian climate conditions ... change is certainly the appropriate word.

Agronomists/Horticulturists have the technical expertise to work with farmers to help them grow the best possible crops, whether it is for human consumption or animal consumption it's all about improving the soil so as to enhance the growth and harvested product.

Our Norco agronomists/horticulturists have to think critically and solve problems concerning the planting, cultivation and harvesting, of crops that they work closely with our customers/farmers to not only improve the soil for planting but also to develop a program for protecting the crops from weeds, pests, and harsh climates. Their technical excellence is a valuable addition to your farming

Farming is vital to the future of all Australians and it is no secret that farmers have their challenges on a daily basis but by the implementation of more efficient farming practices including soil and water conservation, farmers will continue on the pathway of a more economical and environmental sustainability.

Our Norco Agronomists and Horticulturalists have technical expertise to help you plan, plant, maintain and harvest your crops for best results.

  • Pastures
  • Forage Crops
  • Broadacre Crops - ie: chickpea, sorghum, soybeans etc 
  • Sugar Cane Crops
  • Tree Crops
  • Protected Cropping





We can offer you expert advice on managing:

  • Soil preparation
  • What and when to plant
  • Crop and Variety
  • Diseases
  • Insects and Insecticides
  • Soil and Plant Nutrition
  • Spray Application
  • Weed management
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Soil testing and results interpretation

When you need technical excellence to support the productivity and profitability of your farming business, start by talking with one of our qualified Norco Agronomists.