Tolsons’ Avocado Farm and Norco Rural - A Great Partnership

The sleepy little town of Stuarts Point is located midway between Sydney and Brisbane on the Macleay Valley Coastline but unlike many small coastal towns, Stuarts Point is a hive of productivity. It is also the home of Avorama Pty Ltd Trading As/ I and A Tolson Avocado Packing and Marketing, which is a very successful local business.

Ian and Alison Tolson planted their first Avocado’s in 2005 and since then their land holding has grown, as has the business. To date the Tolson farm covers 125 hectares, consisting of 56 hectares in full production, 12 hectares first time product, 32 hectares yet to produce and the remaining 25 hectares is dedicated to native bushland, the environment and wildlife corridors. The packing facility was another arm to the business that took on its own impetus with pressure from local growers to have Tolson’s pack for them.

In 2012 it was opportune for them to purchase the packing facility that they had been leasing. There was also a Norco Rural depot attached to the building which the Tolsons’ saw as an opportunity to value add for their growers. It was a complete package where their growers could purchase products and materials such as fertilisers, sprays etc plus products for pet owners, the home gardeners and hardware supplies; this now filled a void that the town had been lacking previously.

The Avorama Packing and marketing facility and Norco Rural Store depot are very much interconnecting businesses that the Tolsons’ have built.

An extension to the building of two additional cool-rooms, an addition to the existing packing line and another box erecting machine has given them the room to accommodate the growth of their production line. Avorama now pack and market for thirty nine growers with fruit sourced from Bellingen, south west of Coffs Harbour to Mangrove Mountain north-west of Sydney. Their packaging supplier is Orora and the continued support that Orora offer is essential to the ongoing success of the Avorma business.

Having the ability to source fruit from different areas guarantees continual supply for the peak season that is from June through to October. With the increase in supply from the Tolson orchard/farm and the additional growers’ orchards/farms they expect to double their supply over the next five to six years.

Thank you Alison for taking the time out of your day to give me a glimpse of your ridiculously busy schedule; I have no doubt that your business will continue to grow but hope that you and Ian can have a some down time.