Norco Rural Horse Feed Products

Windera Horse Mix

Windera Horse Mix is a high quality grain based supplement formulated to be fed to horses and ponies from 12 months of age at rates depending on exercise level or productive stage.

Rolled Barley & Molassess

Norco's Rolled Barley & Molasses is a palatable energy supplement that may be fed to all animals. It is not a complete feed and should be fed with hay, chaff and/or pasture.

Premium Horse Nut

Norco's Premium Horse Nut is a high quality horse supplement formulated for Breeding, Performance and Spelling horses. It is manufactured from high quality cereal grains and vegetable protein meals to deliver high levels of protein and energy to suit a range or work load. Manufactured as a 10mm nut for easy feeding the Premium Horse Nut contains all necessary levels of vitamins and minerals.

Country Calm

Norco's Country Calm is a multipurpose pellet supplement formulated as a cool source of energy to meet the dietary requirements of horses and ponies in light to medium work that are susceptible to 'fizzy' behaviour from grain based diets. It contains highly digestible proteins, highly soluble fibre and low fermentable starch, all balanced for essential amino acids and required vitamins and minerals.

Mare & Yearling Pellets

Norco's Mare & Yearling Pellets are a highly digestible equine supplement formulated for feeding to gestating and lactating mares and foals up to 2 months of age. They are a medium energy, high protein pellet containing all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Horse & Pony Pellets

Norco's Horse & Pony Pellets are a quality grain-based supplement formulated to be fed to horses and ponies. It contains a cool energy source to minimise hyperactive behaviour and all the essential vitamins & minerals. It is not a complete feed and should be fed with a quality fibre i.e. Chaff, hay or good quality pasture.