Norco Rural Dairy Feed Products

Dairy Meal

Norco Dairy Meal is a quality grain based supplement formulated as an extra energy and protein source to improve milk production. Lactating cows have an enormous energy demand. Failure to meet these energy needs may result in loss of body condition and milk production. It is fortified with all the necessary nutrients, including macro and trace minerals, balanced to provide availability.

Dairy Springer Pellets

Norco Dairy Springer Pellets are formulated for cows and heifers that are due to calve within (3)weeks. High producing dairy cattle need to be prepared for the onset of early lactation.

Dairy Springer Pellets are a combination of grains,protein meals, anionic salts, vitamins and minerals that assist in a number of important ways including preparing the rumen for grain supplementation during early lactation, acidifying the blood of the springing cow so that plasma calcium levels are adequate at calving and early lactation and providing the cow with important vitamins and minerals necessary for rapid recovery post-calving.

Calf Grower Pellets

Norco Calf Grower Pellets are designed as a complete feed to provide adequate protein and energy to successfully grow dairy calves from 6 weeks to 16 weeks of age. It also provides all the necessary macro and micro minerals, vitamins and additives for maximum growth and development,

Calf Starter Crumbles

Norco Calf Starter Crumbles are designed to provide the high protein and energy requirements to successfully rear calves from 3 days old up to 8 weeks of age. It also provides all the necessary macro and micro minerals, vitamins and additives for maximum growth and development.