How our Agronomist developed an incredibly rare Seamer Chickpea crop

Do you recognize this crop? Globally, about 15 million hectares are planted each year, but it’s a pretty rare site around the Northern Rivers. (HINT: if you like your Hummus, you may know this one!)

Pictured below are Seamer Chickpeas, planted in Buckendoon Northern NSW, in late June 2021. A crop that is not normally grown in the area, and has been attempted just a few times over the past decade, a thriving crop like this is very rare.  

The crop is growing in mildly acidic riverbank clay/loam soil, and has received good rainfall since planting. Fungal infections and heliothis pests have been managed with the help of Norco's Agronomist, Fraser Campbell. This variety of chickpea has an intermediate growth habit, can tolerate low/moderate rainfall, and has produced a very reasonable flowering with good fruit retention.  Chickpeas can have a fit as winter cash crop, where you are looking for a nitrogen fixing legume to rotate with summer cereal crops, such as dryland rice. 

If you’re interested in producing dryland rice this summer, or producing chickpeas next winter, contact our Agronomist Fraser Campbell via 0427 965 651.