‘Grass Tetany’ may be just around the corner!

by Mathew Duley – Goldmix Stockfeed Mill Lismore

Grass Tetany is a nutritional disorder, generally associated with inadequate levels of magnesium in the blood. It commonly occurs in lactating beef, dairy and sheep animals consuming lush temperate forages such as ryegrass and small cereals crops like wheat, barley and oats when magnesium levels are less that 0.2% and potassium levels greater than 2-3% and crude protein greater than 20%.

Magnesium can become limiting when pastures are rapidly growing, or when the weather is consistently cloudy and the uptake of magnesium from the soil is reduced.  It can also occur after heavy nitrogen or potassium fertilisation of pasture, especially if calcium is low in the forage.  The high level of these minerals can affect the uptake of magnesium through the rumen wall.

The initial signs of a magnesium deficiency include nervousness, decreased milk yield, and attentive ears, staggering, twitching skin. Older cows and high milk production cows are more susceptible because they may have decreased body stores of magnesium.

The best strategy is prevention; this means ensuring that your bail, TMR or supplement contain sufficient magnesium to minimise the risk of Grass Tetany in the coming ryegrass and/or cereal grazing season.

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Mathew Duly from Goldmix Stockfeed comes from a local Northern Rivers dairy farming family. He was raised on the family farm in Kyogle and gained much of his knowledge from working on the farm and then later working in the Norco Rural store at Kyogle, where he had access to new and improved Animal Health products.

Mathew works closely with the Goldmix consulting nutritionist, Vincent Posada and is well placed to liaise with farmers about daily feed rations, supplements and both herd and pasture management.

Consulting Nutritionist Profile:- Vincent Posada B Sc, M Ag

Vincent’s experience spans over 37 years consulting in Australia, North and South America and East Asia. He provides up to date advice in nutrition and farm management to small and medium beef feedlots, medium to large beef grazing properties, dairy TMR, grazing operations and oig, horse, poultry, sheep and goat farms.

Goldmix Stockfeed Mills manufacture a high quality range of stockfeed products for both bagged and bulk customers that are nutritionally balanced under Vincent’s guidance.

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