Aluminium Toxicity in Soil


Most soil in the Northern Rivers is quite acidic, with a pH of around 4.5 - 5.5. When soil pH drops below 5.5, clay minerals dissolve & release aluminium into the soil. This then causes 'aluminium toxicity' which restricts root growth (the root's ability to take up water and nutrients), resulting in sick plants and poor growth.
Once this damage is done, it takes significant time, effort and expense to correct the problem. Macadamia, like most crops suffer from aluminium toxicity and to avoid this, we keep the soil pH up around 6.

To do this, we use liming products. If you're concerned that your crop, vegetable garden or fruit trees might be suffering from aluminium toxicity, talk to us at your local Norco Rural store about the range of liming solutions we offer. 

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