Thank You for supporting Norco by buying our Norco Brand Products

Norco Co-operative Limited is a 100% Australian farmer owned dairy co-operative that has been in business since 1895. Norco is based in Lismore (NSW) and currently has 310 active members on 200 supplying dairy farms across Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. We feel very proud that in the near future we will be celebrating 125 years of operation of this iconic co-operative.

However, there are challenges for the dairying community and Norco is not immune. The extremely adverse conditions that all dairy farmers across the East Coast of Australia are working under to produce quality fresh milk is well documented. While Norco is concerned about the welfare of our own Members and the sustainability of the dairy industry in our region, we also seek to influence reforms for the whole of the Australian dairy industry, so that this vitally important primary industry again has the ability to stand proud and see a future for fresh milk in Australia. We want all consumers, their children and their children’s children to know what it is like to have fresh milk available to them on a daily basis.

We have been working on strategies to extract greater value for our Members’ milk from the whole market that Norco supplies fresh milk into. We are currently finalising the implementation of a milk price increase across more than 6,000 customers of Norco’s fresh milk business so that by 1 April 2019, the Grocery and Route Trade market will be funding an average 6.5 cents per litre increase.

There has been much discussion about the varying strategies of the major retailers in relation to the sales price of white milk in their supermarkets and how they are supporting Australian dairy farmers. As a Co-operative that supplies milk to many channels, we want to thank all our customers and consumers for recognising that there has been a serious deterioration in the viability of the dairy industry and for taking steps in the right direction to correct this by continuing to support the 100% farmer owned Norco brand.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in trying to assist our Australian dairy farmers the best way you are able to. From Norco’s perspective, we simply ask that you purchase Norco branded milk products so that you can be sure that your purchase is directly making a difference to the livelihood of our proud Members who supply quality milk to you, the consumer, through our Co-operative.

Yours sincerely,



Deputy Chairman