Mark Callow joined the Norco Milk Supply team as a Field Officer in September 2014.

Mark is based at the Toowoomba rural store which is centrally located to service the needs of Norco Milk Suppliers in Queensland. Mark has over 20 years’ experience as a dairy research agronomist and in developing farming systems. For 15 years he worked for the Queensland Department of Agriculture at Mutdapilly and Gatton. Mark has significant focus in the areas of increasing farm production and profitability by improving pasture and crop management, forage quality and irrigation scheduling. Since commencing work with Norco Mark has completed the Count Down Adviser course and the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Nutrition course.  The combination of these skills are utilised daily to increase farm operating profit and ensure the supply of high quality milk.

In May 2018 Mark was appointed to the position of Manager Milk Supply

Mark can be contacted on 0427 674 837 or email

Mark Callow and Norco Dairy Farmer Peter Rohan