New 5-year contract drives growth for Norco

Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014

Gold Coast business Norco has boosted its sales of branded milk by more than 25 per cent in less than six months at Coles as Queenslanders race to embrace local brands.

Coles Managing Director John Durkan will visit the Labrador factory tomorrow for the first time to celebrate the success of its new and unprecedented five-year partnership with Norco.

The visit comes as Norco this week will produce its 28th million litre of private label milk for Coles in less than six months.

As part of the contract which began this financial year, Norco will produce 60 million litres of milk annually for Coles Brand milk in northern NSW and Queensland.

Figures this week reveal that since commencing the partnership with Coles this year, Norco has also increased sales of its own brand of milk by 27 per cent.

Norco Chief Executive Officer Brett Kelly said the new partnership has helped the co-operative by increasing its volume of private label milk as well as branded milk.

"On the back of this partnership, we're going from strength to strength because not only did we secure the five-year contract for Coles Brand milk, but Coles agreed to sell our branded white and flavoured milk in a lot more stores in northern NSW and Queensland," he said.

"Our success demonstrates that consumers love their local brands because they love to support local businesses."

Mr Kelly will reveal this week that as a result of the five-year contract with Coles, Norco has: