NSW Health Milk Contract - Thank you for your support!

Thu, Sep 13th, 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped reverse the state Government’s decision to award the contract to supply 15 North Coast Health Facilities to a foreign owned competitor.

Andrew Burns General Manager Norco Foods said he was delighted by the announcement.

"We're very appreciative of all the support from the broader community, it's been wonderful," he said.

Norco chairman Greg McNamara said it will be a popular move.

"The comments that I was receiving back from people phoning and on email was that this was not just about Norco milk. This was about governments making sure that they are purchasing from their local communities and supporting their local businesses.

“I’m almost lost for words. I’m not just happy Norco has had its contract reinstated but happy we also have a government that listens,” Mr McNamara said.

“We presented the concerns we had about the impact their decision would have on Norco and they were willing to listen”.

“And they acted at a speed I haven’t seen in a long time. It gives our business a whole new level of enthusiasm that we have people who support us and are willing to take on a battle on our behalf.

“I feel really proud about being an Australian today – that’s what Australia is all about.”

From the 211 north coast dairy farmers and 830 staff – thank you!