Dairy Farmers in the Scenic Rim showcase Norco Products

In June every year the Scenic Rim Eat Local Week promotes food that is grown locally and provides an opportunity for the public to experience rural life. A major attraction is Dave and Kay Tommerup’s dairy farm tour located in Kerry.

More people are interested in knowing where the food they purchase comes from. For many of them it’s about supporting local farmers and being reassured that they are purchasing high quality food.

On the day the Tommerups recorded 850 visitors which was 300 more than last year. 150 people arrived at the farm early especially to watch the dairy herd being milked. Visitors could get hands-on by feeding animals, milk a steel cow and ask questions relating to dairying.

Neighbouring Norco suppliers Peter and Mary Rohan and Michael and Sally Undery along with Norco’s northern Director, Elke Watson, provided support on the day. Norco marketing seized the opportunity by proudly displaying the Norco trailer and signs and offering test tasting of white and flavoured milks. People were able to experience first-hand “paddock to plate” and gain a better understanding of Norco and the dairy industry. One visitor said ‘Norco branded milk will be their first choice for milk and they will tell all their friends to purchase it’.

The farm has been in the Tommerup family for 6 generations.Their decision to diversify into tourism has ensured dairying will remain in the family for many years to come.