Greg was elected to the Board of Directors on 9 November 2016 as a supplier Director from the Southern Region.

Greg has spent his whole life working hard. He spread fertilizer with his dad’s Ferguson TEA20 when he was 7 and started his own market garden when only 12. That began Greg’s passion for growing things, especially potatoes, which became his career choice. In year 12 he was told to slow down and concentrate on his studies but Greg doubled the crop instead. At 26, Greg bought his first farm growing potatoes and raising beef.

33 years ago Greg and his wife Carmen started milking alongside the potatoes, so now Greg is a fourth generation dairy farmer, which he hadn’t planned on. In this time Greg and Carmen have grown their milking herd from 44 cows to over 600 and have a team that does the milking and herd management, while Greg loves to concentrate on the pastures and heifer raising.

After participating in two Norco Governance programs, Greg became more enthusiastic about Norco and the dairy industry than ever before. Dairy has been good to Greg and he now feels it’s time to give something back. Greg has a passion to see more young people come into the industry, as the future of dairying lies with the next generation.

Greg fully supports the ‘Farmer Owned Co-op’ principle and as a newly elected Director is highly motivated to help implement strategies that will contribute to: