Elke was elected to the Board of Directors on 9 November 2016 as a supplier Director from the Northern Region.

Elke and her husband Peter have milked 250 - 300 cows for the last 24 years at Conondale in Queensland. Elke and Peter have four young adult children with interest in the farm with one working full-time for them. The family moved their milk supply to Norco in July 2014 and Elke feels privileged to be part of a co-operative culture again and strongly believes in, and shares, Norco’s co-operative values.

Elke’s qualifications include:

Elke’s experience includes:

As a newly elected Director, Elke is determined to work for all farmer members and supports a strong and stable Board with diverse skills that will sustain dairy farming in the subtropical region. Elke brings her experience, stability and skills to Norco and will devote the time necessary to contribute as an effective Board member.